You can’t change the past but you can change the future, always remember to recycle. Recycling plastic feels fantastic!

Scrap Merchant

We offer an accessible and transparent platform for businesses to sell their scrap materials. Whether it's old metal, disused appliances, or industrial garbage.

E-Waste Recycler

E-waste poses a huge environmental concern due to dangerous components. We at The Kabadiwala Company take pleasure in our responsible e-Waste Recycling services.

Battery Recycler

As a certified Battery Recycler, we use cutting-edge technology to securely recycle all types of batteries. From lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion cells.

Car Scrap Vendor

If you have an old car settling around collecting dust, The ZeroKabaad is your dependable automobile Scrap Vendor. Our skilled team will effectively dismantle your scrap automobile.

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