About Us

Our versatility and skill in the field of E-Waste recycling allow us to give our clients an outstanding experience.

About Us

In 2015, Mr. Gourav Agrawal initiated ZeroKabaad, it is a safe and reliable B2B portal. We offer you all the services you need to optimize your time and speed up your transactions through a digital space that is customized for you. We gradually started catering small to big businesses. The ZeroKabaad is a technology driven company working on SAAS (software as a service) based model to organize the waste management sector.
It serves as an e-waste recycler, battery recycler, scrap merchant & car vendor collection platform, enabling participation in responsible e-waste management, supported by cutting-edge technology and efficient logistics for e-scrap processing. We provide our customers the option of placing an order over the phone or through our website.

Vision & Mission


We aspire to actualize a circular economy, wherein used products are transformed into new ones, mitigating the excessive consumption of natural resources and optimizing recycling efforts. Our vision is to create India zero-waste and to assist recycling companies with e-waste and battery collection/logistics/compliance.


Our mission is to create a society where nothing is wasted, with communities from all over the world working together to create an eco-system of sustainable living by recycling waste.

We Are Right Here To Help You Realize Your Green Dream

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Bring Nature In Your Home.


    Our goal is to make recycling achievable and accessible to everyone through constant technological improvement.

    Our Belief

    We believe that India can be a cleaner and greener country, as every industry commits to getting their scrap recycled, not only resources can be saved from over exploitation but the landfills with mixed harmful garbage can be eradicted.


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